In Situ’s Customer Loyalty Program is intended to reward returning customer with discounts on new product purchases.    In Situ keeps track of the amounts each customer spends in its online store, and then gives a 1% discount for every $500 spent on previous orders, up to a total of 5%.  This discount is for everything in the Customer’s cart, not just individual items.   The discount stacks with other offers.  So, for example, and item that is on sale for 10% off, could be purchased at 15% off if the customer is at the 5% level already. 

In Situ may, at times, increase the discount amount for unspecified periods.  For example, it has offered double discounts during the program initiation period.  So, discounts for that period were for up to 10% off the entire purchase.

In Situ may alter or cease this program at its own, sole, discretion.

The program is only applicable to purchases through its on-line web site store: