Click HERE to upgrade your vivariums to a lightweight Alumalite back panel.

For centuries explorers hoped to discover a city of immeasurable riches in the jungles of Central and South America. What they failed to understand was that El Dorado wasn't a literal city of gold, but rather an ideal – a dream fully realized. 

Our El Dorado is the result of years of design and decades worth of hobbyist experience. It includes:

  • Tower display stand (in your choice of Kiaat or black)
  • 2 Selva Plus vivariums with integrated lights and air circulation systems, passive ventilation and drain systems
  • Air circulation system (left and right fan assemblies, power supply, yoke)
  • Pre-installed LED light system, Meanwell power supply, dimmer
  • MistKing misting system (4 double "L" nozzles, tubing, connectors, 24V Starter pump)
  • Neptune Systems Apex controller (includes Energy Bar 4, temp pride, Neptune tech support and 1-yr InSitu programming support)
  • 2 water reservoir/sumps
  • All necessary wiring, power supplies, yokes and tubing

    DIMENSIONS: 70 7/8 x 22 5/8 x 20" (1800 x 575 x510 mm)
    WEIGHT: 185 lbs (45 kg) 

    Made in the U.S.A.