The rainforest within reach.

InSitu creates vivariums and terrariums for the plant, herp and insect hobbies for the keeping of orchids, poison frogs, geckos, tarantulas and other species. Our innovative vivariums solve many of the problems hobbyists have faced with drainage, air circulation, misting, lighting and feeder insect escapes. Custom designed features and accessories allow the ability to fine-tune environmental conditions within the vivariums, and our integrated systems allow the ultimate in vivarium control and display, allowing you to make any space in situ.


Bill stumbled into keeping vivariums while looking for something living he could keep in his apartment that would survive his hectic traveling schedule as an aerospace engineer. Keeping orchids and Dendrobatid frogs in naturalistic vivariums became the perfect hobby. However, it wasn't long before he ran into issues of water-logged substrate, lack of air flow and other problems hobbyists frequently faced. To get a better understanding of the rainforest, he decided to take a trip to Peru and see the places where so many of these frogs originated from. What he observed in the rainforest fundamentally changed his approach in trying to recreate it in glass boxes at home.

Bill spent the next few years talking with veteran hobbyists and working on a vivarium design that created the environmental conditions of the actual rainforest through a plug-and-play approach. The result is InSitu Ecosystems.