2024 Trip to Peru


Our travelers are back, and what a trip this was!  Check out our Instagram and/or Facebook sites for pictures.     We'll be posting them throughout the month of May 2024.

We're definitely looking forward to a 2025 trip!

Bill/ In Situ





The world is an adventure, and we're back to Peru in 2024.

We're skipping Machu Pichu and going straight to the core of the Amazon in search of rare Dendrobatid species and everything that comes with them.

There are two itineraries possible, the complete 10 day excursion, and a reduced 7 day adventure.  The cost is $2500 and $1750 respectively.  International airfare not included. 

There is a 50% deposit on the itinerary, and, if you purchase it through this web site, a 15% surcharge on top of that.  You can skip the surcharge by paying through PayPal or Zelle.  Contact us directly so we can give you instructions on how to do that (without the surcharge).

Ability to purchase this itinerary is now open. To guarantee your spot, make your initial payment by selecting the itinerary you would like and making the payment.  Sending us your signed Contract after that guarantees you a spot.  Send signed contracts to:  sales@insituecosystems.com

Check out our itinerary, and come explore with us.  The trip is limited to 8 people.  So, slots will fill quickly. 

Peruvian Trip Itinerary

Peruvian Trip Contract

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