Fan Replacement Set


This is a replacement fan set for the Selva Plus, Amazonia and Alto vivariums and includes. The set includes 2 fan replacements.

Our fans are specially coated to be water resistant. They operate on a voltage from 4 to 12 volts, but have been de-rated to 9 volts on the Selva Plus and Amazonia vivariums to reduce noise. They operate using ball bearings for longer, more quite operation.

The fan set also includes two new intake screens as well as snap in fasteners, to make the replacement effort as easy and effective as possible.

To replace the fans, pull up on the power cord located at the rear of the vivarium to remove the strain relief from its hole. Once cleared, slip the cable through the bulkhead hole and remove the fan housing from inside the vivarium. Note: The lefthand and righthand fan positions are different – be aware of how the power cord is oriented in each (we recommend taking a photo of the lefthand and righthand fan assemblies so you can refer to their configurations later).

Disassemble the fan housing and replace the fan. Discard the existing cable.  When re-assembling, be certain to orient the fan into its original position (refer to the pictures you took earlier). 

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