Can anyone imagine a world where moving a terrarium is easy?  An all composite panel design certainly goes a long way towards that goal.

Our All Composite Panel Upgrade uses light weight composite panel on the back and side panels.  The lightweight panels are made of an aluminum/hollow core composite that reduces the weight of each vivarium by approximately from 14 lbs (Amazonia 20), to 18lbs (Amazonia 24),  to 22lbs (Alto). Making them extremely easy to move, carry and maneuver.

The final weight, including glass doors and lights is:

  • Amazonia 20:       15lbs  
  • Amazonia 24:       17lbs
  • Alto:                      20lbs 

It should be noted that our Alto terrarium already has a composite back panel as standard in its design.  So, the 22lb weight reduction noted above is for the side panel replacements only.

Add as many upgrades to your cart as you are ordering vivariums – we will automatically incorporate each into your custom-built enclosures.

Selva/Amazonia 24 shown in picture.  Selva/Amazonia 20, and Alto terrariums not shown.

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