Pintoresco Fog Diffuser


Not everything likes mist.... Many plants, particularly orchid blossoms, don't like being wet.    So, fog is an ideal way to keep up humidity inside a terrarium as well as help blossoms last longer.  In deed, combining fogging with long misting cycles, rather than numerous short misting cycles during a day, mimics nature better. 

There are many fogging apparatus available, but one thing they have in common is that they don't supply a means of connecting or diffusing fog.  So, we thought we'd help.

Our fog diffuser comes with a standard 1" (25mm) connection. But, we thought people with collections would want a way to tap into a larger fog system (like our Brume fogging system).  So, we have created 0.75" (18mm) elbow's that will fit common 0.75" ID/1.00" OD tubing.  

Regardless of which connection you choose, we'll drill the rear canopy bar and install the fitting on your terrarium for free so all you have to do is connect up to your fogging system and enjoy the mystique and benefits of the clouds.

Mounting Information:

Mounting for the diffuser requires a 1.0" hole, with a nominal material thickness of 0.125".

Ordering Information:

Order the Pintoresco Fog Diffuser by selecting the "Ship with vivarium" or "Ship Separately" options.   If you choose "Ship with Vivarium" we will install the diffuser on the rear canopy bar near the center.  If you want it located elsewhere, just let us know where, and we will be happy to place it wherever you would like.   If you choose, "Ship Separately" we will send you the diffuser in a separate package and shipment. 

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