Alto Vista


If you're looking for a taller, wider terrarium/vivarium option to increase your hardscaping and planting potential, the Alto Vista will not disappoint! The enclosure stands at 36.75" tall (including light canopy) but has double the width of our normal Alto Terrarium (44.5" wide by 17.75" deep)

It is a complete stand alone terrarium/vivarium package that takes terrarium/vivarium culture to an entirely new level:

  • The LED lens is clear glass to allow deeper light penetration.
  • We include a TC-40 light controller for more natural lighting.
  • There are 4 circulation system heads  to create greater circulation capability.
  • 2 door handles to allow easy opening and removal of the doors (standard 3" handles can be changed out/customized to your preference)
  • There are two drains, with the ability to  install Rio water systems on either side of the terrarium.
  • The composite back panel comes standard on the Alto Vista, resulting in a total weight of only 54 lbs.

The Alto Vista is now available to order. 

Shipping:  The Alto Vista is shipped in a wooden crate via common freight carrier.  Once production is finished, we will contact you to collect shipping costs, which we expect to be $350-$500.

Made in the U.S.A.


54 lbs (24.5 kg)

 (width x height x depth) 
44.5 x 36.75 x 17.5" 
(113.0 x 
93.3 x 44.5 cm)

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