Orinoco Spot Light Canopy


Most "banked" LED lighting array systems cannot penetrate the depths of a 48" tall terrarium/vivarium.  So, the hobbyist is confronted with using species with very low light requirements, or, by adding directional spot lights.  Our Spot Light Canopy enables the  hobbyists to chose various brands of spot lights and hold them in a desired position such that bottom dwelling plants can get the light they need.

We've designed our Spot Light Canopy in two sizes, the -48 and the -72 to fit the two different Orinoco terrariums.  The spot light array can be adjusted forward or aft and each head can be rotated side to side and fore and aft.  These three degrees of freedom allow spot light penetration and direction to any position within the lower reaches of the terrarium.  It attaches to the existing light canopy already on the terrarium with four (4) bolts.  

The -48 Includes four (4) Arcadia Jungle Dawn spot lights, and the -72 includes six (6).

Pricing is determined during the Customer interview process.

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