Click HERE to upgrade your vivariums to a lightweight Alumalite back panel.

The El Oro is the gold standard for maintaining and displaying vivarium systems. Each El Oro includes:

  • Tower display stand (in your choice of Kiaat or black)
  • 2 Amazonia vivariums with integrated lights and air circulation systems, passive ventilation and drain systems
  • 2 water reservoir/sumps
  • All necessary wiring, power supplies, yokes and tubing
  • Pre-installed power strip in the back cabinet

    Dimensions: 70 7/8 x 22 5/8 x 20" (1800 x 575 x510 mm)
    Weight: 172 lbs (45 kg)

    ORDERING INFORMATION: Upon order receipt we will immediately deliver the two Amazonia vivariums, water reservoirs, wiring and tubing. However, each display stand is custom made to order. We charge a 75% non-refundable down payment upon order (the check out screen will show a 25% discount). We will bill the remaining 25% plus shipping fees in 3-4 months, when the display stand is ready for delivery. 


     Made in the U.S.A.


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